You can trust us also in times of crisis!

With our of experience and hundreds of loyal customers, Diranit is successful in maintaining the high level of service even in times of crisis. And customers appreciate it!

By: Eyal Amdurski – Finance Manager

In recent years we have witnessed a hard-to-deal-with phenomenon in the Israeli hard metal processing market: during years of prosperity, quite a few new companies were established, importing and selling expensive technological equipment to hundreds of manufacturers. When the recession began, many of them collapsed, leaving their customers with complex and expensive systems with no technical or professional support. A fortune has gone down the drain. As a result, some of the companies collapsed following their providers.

This can never happen to diranit customers!
We are the largest Israeli group in the field of technological solutions for metal processing. With over 60 years of experience and a devoted team of 80 employees, diranit is providing its customers with the perfect combination of dynamism and constant renewal, along with seniority, experience and knowledge accumulated over many years. Now, more than ever, when the market is in crisis, diranit invests special efforts to help its customers survive through the storm.

David Bauman, diranit`s CEO, says: "We understand the needs of our customers, whether they are large organizations or whether they are small enterprises engaged in processing metal. Despite the difficult times, diranit did not and will not waive its high level of service - even at the expense of our profit.
We are convinced customers can appreciate it. I have no doubt we will enjoy the fruits when they can re-invest in purchase of machines."

And what`s diranit`s secret? According to David Bauman, the personal relationship, concern and trust built over many years are the heart of the matter. "Most of Our managers have moved their way up in the company" he explains. "I have been in the company for over 40 yearsand most of our managers work here for 15 years or more. Additionally, a considerable number of our employees have been with us for over a decade. This stability is resulting in deep and intimate acquaintanceship with each client, who knows he can trust us!"