Automation is the Key to Success

By: Zvika Nimni - Salesman

Over the last few years, the metal industry has experienced increased demand for different types of automation systems operating on CNC machines. This demand is seen across the entire spectrum of solutions, from simple automation for one machine performed by a robot to a complex Gantry system which combines a few machines together.

This trend, as reflected in Israel and around the world, is derived from the need of many plants to streamline and organize the production system. Automation answers a need - it allows systems to work 24/7 and increase production volumes, in a highly effective and efficient plant.

Staying ahead of this trend, over the last two years Diranit has implemented a number of automation projects for various plants in Israel, including:

A full automation project for loading and unloading pipes weighing 300 kg and 3m length over a big lathe; automation of a manipulator, able to load and unload parts up to 30 kg, for manufacturing parts for the aviation industry - and in an extensive automation project, ncluding seven machines with 5 -axis CMM measuring machines that were connected by a main Gantry robot with 17 axis.The robot loads and unloads parts from existing trays and sends a sample of the finished parts to the measuring machine. This action directly fixes the deviations discovered in each machine, completely automated and without the need for human intervention.

In addition, Diranit`s technical department was reorganized to suite the design and implementation needs of plant automation. The department is an independent unit, managed by Noah Agam, with a staff of engineers and technicians.

This is a senior team, comprised of engineers from automation to production lines.
This team has the ability to provide a range of solutions for automating in the metal industry – starting from automation for a chip processing machine, through automation for loading and unloading raw material for machine laser cutting to automation for multiple machines combined together.

The department is able to provide solutions for existing machines as well as complete projects, including new machines combining all kinds of automation. Diranit welcomes the opportunity to work with customers around the country to provide the best solution for each set of unique requirements.