GT27SP CNC Gang Tool Lathe

GT27SP CNC Gang Tool Lathe

מחרטה שולחנית דגם GT27SP עם מחשב FANUC 21i-TB תוצרת Hardinge, ארה"ב


The Super-Precision® QUEST GT 27 lathe is designed and built by Hardinge to offer high-precision machining, very fast cycle times and maximum part production. The machine is configured with the Hardinge collet-ready spindle and quick-change top plate design for fast job changeovers
The QUEST GT 27 is designed for quick changeover with interchangeable tool top plates. Pre-tooled top plates can be quickly interchanged in less than a minute for a new part or family of parts within .0002” repeatability. Repeat jobs typically save 50% to 80% (or more) on setup time


Standard Specifications:


  • Spindle Nose Configuration A2-4, 5C
  • Collet Capacity (in/mm) 1.062/27
  • Max Jaw Chuck Size (in/mm) (option) 4/100
  • Step Chuck Capacity (in/mm) 4/101.6
  • Spindle Motor (hp/kw) 5/3.7
  • Max Spindle Speed (rpm) 8,000
  • Rapid Feed Rate in X (ipm/mpm) 708/18
  • Rapid Feed Rate in Z (ipm/mpm) 945/24
Accuracy Certification:
Part Surface Finish 8 micro-inch/ .20 micron
Overall Axis Repeatability .000015” / .40 micron
CNC Control – GE Fanuc 21i-TB Series

Included Features
  • 000010” / .00010mm Resolution Control
  • 5 C Collet/Chuck ready spindle
  • HARCRETE® polymer composite base
  • PCMICA flash card slot
  • SP certification
  • Bright florescent work light
  • GT Tooling Height Gauge
  • Full Machine Documentation 
  • Custom Macro B
  • Rigid tapping
  • Air-hose and air-gun
  • Dynamic balanced spindle and drive motor
  • Laser and Ball Bar tested
  • Run time/parts counter
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GT27SP CNC Gang Tool Lathe