About the Service Department:

Diranit Ltd's Service Department is powered by ELBE Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd's service department:

ELBE's Service Department is the leading service organization in it's feild.

We tylored the best service suit exsisiting in Israel today, specifically for your needs!

We, at ELBE Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd. expecting to serve you, with: 

A 60 years experience in the field of Metal- Processing Machining.

Extensive & Comprehensive Service:
All equipment, all parts, all the knowledge and solutions, at your service at any given time.
The largest service department in Israel: more than 30 professionals available for any malfunction.

Professionalism at international level:
Our professionals go through updated and advanced courses on an ungoing basis, conducted by world-wide manufacturers.

Outstanding Experts:
Extensive capability and thorough technological knowledge in mechanics, optics, gas, laser and electronics.

Computer Support, Smart Solutions:
The most sophisticated equipment available in the world today to identify and rectify faults computerized machines for working metal.

Large stock of spare parts available:
Extensive spare parts warehouse that stores inside a huge variety of mechanical parts and original PC cards, for instant use when needed.

Uncompromising commitment:
ELBE Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.gained knowledge and experience which will enable ELBE to offer you, the full productive and efficient service 

Due to these advantages ELBE Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd. can and will minimize downtime, and increase your profitability!